Our collaborations with the Mandalay Productions LLC will feature

the first Myanmar-English motion picture to be filmed in the USA.

All proceeds will benefit the Myanmar orphan community.

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Lending a Hand

A public and private partnership program that brings a world of difference to the needs of children in the Myanmar orphan community.

Educational Advancement for Orphans

As part of our ongoing efforts to transform the lives of Myanmar Orphans, we will deliver innovative opportunities to every children who need help and guidance.

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The fundraising campaign started in the year 2001 to this day, where community of passionate volunteers join together to sing their favorite Myanamr songs to raise charitable funds for Myanmar orphans

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Our Orphanage Ambassadors

We love to care for orphans by extending our gracious

time and giving them abundance of love.

“Children without families are the most vulnerable people in the world.”

Brooke Randolph

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