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HEAD OFFICE:                          548 Market Street,
San Francisco, CA 94104         USA

PROJECT OFFICE:                  Pearl Condo, Bldg A, 15 Fl., Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd.,      Yangon, Myanmar


US: +1 415 991 2030                 US: +1 415 799 8282                    MM: +95 9 977 66 7777


Program Overview for Clean Water

Our clean water program is committed to universal access to safe and sustainable drinking water, achieved through community outreach, improved infrastructure, and education. We install purification systems, conduct regular quality tests, promote conservation, secure funding, and advocate for policy changes. Collaborating with local stakeholders and sponsors, we aim to bring clean water to orphanages and underserved areas where we serve.


The Answers to Your Questions

Our objective regarding clean water is to guarantee universal availability of safe and clean drinking water for every orphanage.

  • Implement water purification systems in all orphanages to ensure safe and clean drinking water for children.
  • Collaborate with local governments and NGOs to improve water infrastructure in underserved areas where orphanages are located.
  • Conduct regular water quality testing and maintenance to ensure consistent access to clean water.
  • Educate orphanage staff and children on water conservation practices to minimize wastage and promote sustainability.
  • Establish partnerships with corporate sponsors and donors to fund water projects aimed at providing access to clean water in orphanages.
  • Advocate for policy changes and allocate resources towards addressing water accessibility challenges faced by orphanages on local, national, and international levels.

Where can orphanages register for the Free Food Program?

Please go to the Update Section of the Website Tab. Then, click the Sign-Up Forms Tab. You will select the relevant forms that apply to your needs. Send back the completed forms to the email address provided.

Does my orphanage needs to pay to receive food services?

Our food programs are free of charge for orphanages registered with us.

How are the food services possible for orphanages?

We have established valuable partnerships with both local and international food donors, working together to address the needs of underserved orphanage communities. These collaborations allow us to leverage resources and expertise, ensuring that nutritious meals reach those who need them the most.

We have a sizable space for sustainable gardening at our orphanage compound, how can you help to create a garden?

We will first complete a feasibility study, follow by two days of gardening practices lessons with our certified partners. Afterwards, Orphanages can create sustainable gardening by implementing practices such as composting, water conservation, organic gardening methods, and engaging children in gardening activities to cultivate your own food.


Support our clean water initiatives.

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