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HEAD OFFICE:                          548 Market Street,
San Francisco, CA 94104         USA

PROJECT OFFICE:                  Pearl Condo, Bldg A, 15 Fl., Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd.,      Yangon, Myanmar


US: +1 415 991 2030                 US: +1 415 799 8282                    MM: +95 9 977 66 7777

Advancing the Mission

Our Ambassadors enhance the lives of children by committing their time and human capital with the following five steps.

We Advocate

We advocate on behalf of the orphanage and children it serves by raising awareness of the organization's mission, aims and needs.

We Fundraise

We take part in the fundraising activities to support the needs of the orphanage and the children it serves by organizing events.

We Volunteer

We volunteer by spending time with the children, organizing educational programs, and participating in recreational activities.

We Network

We build relationships with other organizations and individuals who share a commitment to supporting orphaned and vulnerable children.

We Update

We report to orphanage's leadership and board of directors on their progress, and outcomes updating on volunteering activities.

Champions of Compassion


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Orphangaes Were Helped

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Become the One Who is Considered a Hero

Orphanage ambassador are focused on advancing the mission of the orphanage and improving the lives of the children it serves. By advocating, fundraising, volunteering, networking, and reporting, we make a positive impact on the welfare of vulnerable children.

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Number of Orphans Supporting:
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