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HEAD OFFICE:                          548 Market Street,
San Francisco, CA 94104         USA

PROJECT OFFICE:                  Pearl Condo, Bldg A, 15 Fl., Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd.,      Yangon, Myanmar


US: +1 415 991 2030                 US: +1 415 799 8282                    MM: +95 9 977 66 7777


Make your impact last all year by becoming a monthly donor to support our global cause. A monthly gift is one of the most effective ways to support our work, addressing the plight of orphans and providing them with essential tools and dedicated resources for a brighter future.


Monthly giving: Become a Partner in Hope

When you make recurring donations of any amount to Mary K Yap Foundation through our monthly giving program, you become one of our Partners in Hope. This partnership represents a special community of monthly supporters who are committed to making impact, building dreams, and saving lives for orphaned children. We are grateful to our monthly donors for their ongoing support.

Benefits of monthly giving

Thanks to the generous support of monthly donors, children no longer have to worry about their day-to-day basic needs. Learn more about the benefits of monthly giving and how they can benefit you when you become a regular monthly giver.

Give on your terms

Become a Partner in Hope starting with a monthly donation of $20 or more to our worthy cause. You can change or cancel your monthly gift at any time.

See your impact all year

As a monthly supporter of our global cause, you'll get exclusive communication updates from our dedicated portal partner, Fundraise Up to keep track of the monthly contributions you make as well as the progress we bring— together.

Claim tax deductions

Monthly gifts are tax deductible to the full extent the law provides, like all donations you make to the Mary K Yap Foundation. You can request your tax receipt.

What difference will my monthly donation make?

Because the majority of the Mary K. Yap Foundation comes from generous donors, Partners in Hope make a tangible and significant difference in the lives and wellbeing of the orphaned children.

$30 could help provide one rice bag (18KG) per child per month*

$40 could help provide two health checks per child per orphanage*

$50 could help provide internet connectivity per orphanage per month.*

$100 could help provide school tuition class per child per month*

Show your support with a Foundation T-shirt

When you donate $20 monthly, you’ll receive a Partner in Hope T-shirt from the Mary K. Yap Foundation to show the world that you stand with the orphaned children. (only for US and Myanmar Donors)

Why monthly donations are important?

You don’t know what that $30 you are donating represents. It represents the life of an orphaned child. Providing a bag of rice to nourish the child’s monthly staple is what the orphanage we serve and support needs.

How does monthly giving work?

You can set up your recurring gift online so that your donation automatically happens each month. You also have the option of using direct mail to send a check, if you prefer. Once you’re part of our monthly donation program, you become a Partner in Hope.

If you become a Partner in Hope, you may still participate in fundraising campaigns, make one-time gifts and become a member of other Donate to Impact programs, ssuch as the #ROAD2DIGITAL, #H2OHOPE, #FIRSTSEED, #LIFELINE, #NOURISHHOPE, #EACH1TEACHONE, #ORPHANRELIEFS, and #HSDIPLOMA. As an existing donor, you may also update your payment information, change your monthly gift amount and track your donations for tax purposes.

Frequently asked questions

How can I become a Partner in Hope monthly donor?

You can sign up to make monthly donations on our online submission FORM #9 (GENEROSITY PLEDGE FORM) or by calling us at (415) 991-2030 to join.

Can I request for a monthly bill to be sent to my email?

Yes, you can set up a monthly recurring payment using FundraiseUp platform that is embedded in the Donate Button for every contributions made. You can also submit a request using our online FORM #9 (GENEROSITY PLEDGE FORM) if want receive an email bill notices. Alternatively you can also email to donate@marykyapfoundation.org to submit your request.

How do I receive my tax receipt information for giving?

Every contributions made by you will receive an email confirmation of the tax receipt of the amount donated. You will also receive instructions to set up a portal at Fundraise Up to track all your contributions.

Is there a minimum amount that I'm allowed to give?

The minimum monthly amount you can donate is $5 per month. There is no maximum.

How do I receive a T-shirt for becoming a Partner In Hope?

T-Shirts are available for monthly donors who give $20+ per month. Use the online submission FORM# 9 (GENEROSITY PLEDGE FORM” to receive the T-Shirts. Shirts are available for donors in US and Myanmar only. Subject to shipping fees.