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Little Chefs, Nurturing Social Skills at the Cookout Festival

Organized by the Mary K. Yap Foundation, the inaugural “Little Chef Cookout Festive” took center stage as our newest addition to the array of activities designed to empower and uplift orphaned children within our community.

On December 25, 2023, amidst the festive spirit of Christmas Day, a special event unfolded at St. Francisco Xavier in Yangon, Myanmar, that marked a significant milestone in our social development initiatives. Meme Lwin, the responsible Orphanage Ambassador, and the face behind the Foundation efforts in the country coordinated with 18 volunteers on-site to bring smiles and jubilation to more than 50 children at the San Francis Xavier in Yangon.

The “Little Chef Cookout” program represents a dynamic and engaging approach to social development, specifically tailored for participating youths. This culinary adventure transcends mere cooking lessons, serving as a platform to nurture teamwork, communication, and creativity among the young participants.

Through hands-on cooking experiences, these children learn essential culinary skills and develop vital social skills such as cooperation and effective communication. At the heart of the program is a supportive and collaborative environment where young chefs plan, prepare, and present their culinary creations.

This cooperative effort enhances their culinary expertise and fosters lasting friendships, boosting their confidence and social development in a fun and interactive setting. The master chef behind the “Little Chef Cookout” program is Ma Lay, a volunteer, and a mother of three grown-up daughters. Ma Lay brings a wealth of culinary expertise, having won several championships as a Master Chef from local community contests. Her dedication and passion for cooking inspire and guide the participating youths, creating a rich learning experience for everyone involved.

The overarching purpose of the “Little Chef Cookout” program, spearheaded by the Mary K. Yap Foundation and orchestrated by Meme Lwin and her team of volunteers, is to foster holistic social development among participating youths. By providing a creative and collaborative culinary platform, we aim to empower these children to hone their cooking skills and build essential life skills such as teamwork, communication, and confidence.

Through initiatives like the “Little Chef Cookout,” the Mary K. Yap Foundation remains committed to creating meaningful opportunities for social empowerment and talent building among vulnerable children’s communities. This first annual event during major holidays reflects our dedication to creating positive and impactful experiences that contribute to the holistic development of the children we serve.