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Your generous contributions will be strategically utilized to facilitate the recruitment of highly qualified teachers, tutors, and mentors, in addition to procuring essential study materials and classroom supplies. This collective effort will significantly enhance the impact of our High School Diploma campaign.


#HighSchoolDiploma: Empowering Educators for Vulnerable Communities – is a transformative initiative that equips children with essential guidance, comprehensive training, and afterschool tuition classes, converging to sculpt them into empowered individuals. By amplifying the accessibility to robust educational support, this endeavor aims to pave the way for academic and social progression during the crucial final years of high school education (Grades 8 to 10). This approach’s intensified focus will catalyze the fulfillment of prerequisites required to keep pace with their studies and significantly enhance their likelihood of successfully attaining a high school diploma.

The supplementary afterschool tuition courses encompass a spectrum of core subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus – all pivotal components of a well-rounded high school education. In collaboration with esteemed educational partners within Myanmar and on the global stage, the Mary K. Yap Foundation has meticulously crafted a High School Diploma program. This innovative program extends a comprehensive array of opportunities to every orphaned student, spanning from Grade 8 (at age 14) to Grade 10 (at age 16), nurturing an environment where they can culminate their high school journey with credentials in hand, propelling them toward advanced educational pursuits.


Orphanages encounter a multitude of intricate educational challenges that wield a profound influence on the overall growth of the children within their care. The pressing issue of inconsistent and subpar Education is at the forefront of these challenges. Often grappling with the scarcity of adept educators and suitable learning materials, orphanages are hindered in their mission to provide children with a comprehensive and enriching education. This deficiency in personalized pedagogy due to constrained staff-to-child ratios further obstructs tailored learning experiences and impedes the advancement of the children.

Compounded by the emotional and psychological traumas many orphaned children endure, concentration, motivation, and social integration become formidable obstacles in their educational journey.

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As these youngsters navigate through various life stages, maintaining a seamless continuum of Education emerges as a daunting trial, potentially giving rise to detrimental knowledge gaps.

Supplementary educational programs beyond school hours necessitate additional space to accommodate study environments, scholastic resources, apparatus, and, most crucially, the financial backing to enlist teachers, mentors, aides, and tutors. Regrettably, orphanages often grapple with limited financial resources and human capital, underscoring the uphill battle they face in tending to students at grade levels where keeping pace with the core subjects of high school taught in public institutions becomes strenuous. Focused attention must be directed toward providing requisite support to bridge these gaps and provide a meaningful education for these deserving children.

Campaign Summary:

Addressing these multifaceted educational challenges requires collaborative efforts between orphanages, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and the larger community to create a nurturing and conducive learning environment that empowers orphaned children to reach their full potential. Our campaign calls for recruiting qualified educators, and teacher aids to be available for vulnerable communities. Teacher aids, and tutors will teach courses for nine months during afterschool sessions in which these essential subjects will complement the teachings done at the regular school schedule.   

The last high school year,  Grade 10, is the key to opening every opportunity. Our Foundation will provide necessary educational support for the children to concentrate on their studies, pass the exam, and be ready to face the university. The success of the “High School Diploma” program will depend on the close partnership between the participating orphanage, the selected orphan students, and the Foundation team. Regular progress reports to keep track of the student’s performances are also available for those participating sponsors and donors who would like to monitor. 

“No one shall be left alone from their basic rights to Education,” said Mr. Joseph Joseph, the Mary K. Yap Foundation board member. As the Ancient Chinese philosopher and political statesman Kuan Chung said, “If you plan for a year, plant a seed. If for ten years, plant a tree. If for a hundred years, teach the people. When you sow a seed once, you will reap a single harvest. When you teach the people, you will reap a hundred harvests.”

In unison with tackling these intricate educational barriers, our endeavor hinges upon forging a collaborative synergy encompassing orphanages, government entities, nonprofit organizations, and the expansive community. This collective effort aspires to cultivate an enriching and propitious learning milieu that empowers orphaned children to unfurl their innate potential and realize their aspirations.

Our HighSchoolDiploma campaign is a clarion call, resonating with the urgent need to enlist adept educators and dedicated teacher aides for the betterment of vulnerable communities. Over nine months, these educators and tutors will immerse themselves in afterschool sessions, offering comprehensive instruction that seamlessly complements the subjects taught during regular school hours. By focusing on the pivotal Grades 8 to 10, the culminating year of high school, our Foundation is poised to deliver the crucial educational scaffolding required for children to surmount academic challenges, excel in examinations, and prepare for the journey into higher Education.

At the core of the triumphant execution of the “High School Diploma” program lies an intricate web of collaboration between participating orphanages, carefully selected orphan students, and the dedicated Foundation team. To ensure transparency and accountability, we offer regular progress reports, allowing sponsoring individuals and donors to monitor the performance and growth of the students they support. Guided by the profound words of Mr. Joseph Joseph, a Mary K. Yap Foundation board member who affirms, “No one shall be left bereft of their fundamental right to education,” we stand resolute in our mission.

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