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HEAD OFFICE:                          548 Market Street,
San Francisco, CA 94104         USA

PROJECT OFFICE:                  Pearl Condo, Bldg A, 15 Fl., Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd.,      Yangon, Myanmar


US: +1 415 991 2030                 US: +1 415 799 8282                    MM: +95 9 977 66 7777

 Peter K. Yap     ( M.B.A )

Peter K. Yap
I am driven by my integrity to do what is right and to help those who are underserved and disadvantaged.
35 Years
Reading, Camping & Spending time with Orphan Children
“Our commitment to helping orphanages stems from the understanding that
every child deserves love, compassion, and the opportunity to thrive.”

Peter K. Yap was born in Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar). He brings over 35 years of exceptional experience in private and public sector management involving sales, business development, marketing, financing, and revenue growth. Peter has lived and worked in North America, Africa, and Asia and has a consistent record of leadership in challenging environments. He has held several executive positions covering both country and regional management assignments.

He was the former Chief Business Officer for a startup nationwide telecom license operator Ooredoo, a Qatar-based company responsible for building a foundation of the company’s business unit in Myanmar. In addition, Mr. Yap was the Asia Pacific Vice President of sales for Ceragon Networks (C.R.N.T.), one of the fastest-growing NASDAQ US-listed technology companies. Other professional experiences included Managing Director and Chief Representative roles of Harris Corporation Microwave Division (NYSE – H.R.S.) in Nigeria.

Mr. Yap was also the President Director for the Indonesia operations for Harris Stratex Networks (NASDAQ: H.S.T.X.), which later was named Aviat Networks (NASDAQ: A.V.N.W.) During the early years of his professional career, Mr. Yap was associated with the World Trade Center San Francisco. He was responsible for providing export counseling, trade finance advice, and organizing mission for exhibition services. Mr. Yap is presently the Founder and C.E.O. of Mandalay Holdings P.T.E. Ltd., a private equity business investment company headquartered in Singapore, overseeing several businesses and startup equity ventures, including the World Trade Center Yangon.

Among his recent achievements, Mr. Yap has taken on the role of Producer at Mandalay Productions, overseeing the creation of a charity feature film through a collaborative venture between the United States and Myanmar. This endeavor is dedicated to the noble cause of enhancing the well-being of orphan communities worldwide.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business from San Francisco State University, a Master of Business Administration Degree from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, and a Graduate School of Business Alumni of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. He is a proud single father of four children.