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#TeddyBear4Hold Campaign – In a place of a hug and the daily love of a family, think of what a stuffed animal hug will bring each night for an orphaned child. We believe every child should be treated with love, care, and proper guidance. Orphaned children are usually unfortunate children who have lost their parents by accident or abandonment. However, they are still children seeking someone to love and care for them. Our Foundation aims to bring compassion and excitement to all the orphanages in the country by engaging in a socially inspiring connection using cardboard games, storytelling, and one-on-one power talks to help build their future and thereby instill personal self-esteem and confidence within.


Children in vulnerable settings are not gifted with opportunities to become drivers of change. By no means are they not connected to a system that fosters growth. This shortfall results from little or no civil engagement within the orphan communities. There are no platforms for orphan children to participate in youth clubs, local sporting, talent shows, and other activity-based children development programs, and participation that strengthens the skills needed to form and voice their opinions. There is zero chance for these children to exercise their full range of rights and decision-making skills because no such social engagements and support programs are available.

Campaign Summary:

Mary K. Yap Foundation started a confidence-building program called “One Stuff Animal Project” last 2015 and is held annually. The project has recently been rebranded as “TeddyBear4Hold” earlier this year in 2023.

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The “TeddyBear4Hug” campaign brings together a group of responsible volunteers to distribute one stuffed toy to each orphan, so they have something to hold on to at night to feel the love these orphaned children deserve. These stuffed toys can also serve as comfort so they can remember that these people care for and love them dearly.  

Since the project’s inception, we have distributed more than 2,000 stuffed animals to thousands of orphans in 10 orphanages in Myanmar. Considering the social benefits of bonding, the Foundation aims to achieve 50 additional orphanages by year-end to supply 20,000 stuffed animals by the end of 2026.

The Foundation engages community members, including parents, students, teachers, civil leaders, and health workers, to spend time with the orphans by organizing and playing games, telling stories, writing, and drawing activities, all in the spirit that promotes self-esteem and ignites personal confidence. The orphans also listened to each inspirational message and reported that the volunteers shared with them. At this time, these orphaned children felt secure as they knew that we created a space to innovate and participate in activities expressing our love and attention for them.  

Join us and support our campaign at these orphanages to distribute teddy bears.

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