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Computer for Orphans

The Mary K. Yap Foundation offers the “Basic Computer for You” program as one of the Foundation’s ongoing efforts under the “Educational Advancement” commitment which is part of the #Road2Digital2025 Donate to Impact campaign to bring basic computer skills to our young orphan children.  The Foundation commits to giving financial assistance to highly inspired orphaned children to have basic knowledge of computer applications and learn their technological advantages.

The program aims to offer the best possible experience in class, with hands-on lessons for selected orphans to apply, incorporate, and use Technology to aid their learning and increase their productivity.

The intentions of the Mary K. Yap Foundation are for the progress of these young, orphaned children as they learn the advantages of computer applications and internet browsing. The Foundation believes that learning how to utilize the computer properly will open the door to a lot of opportunities. In addition, computer knowledge can also be beneficial for passing university college and having access to many job opportunities for these young children in the future.

Sponsor a Child Program

Sponsor a Child Program

Have you ever thought of doing something enriching, never done before that is exceptionally gratifying?  It’s about changing a person’s life forever with one single step.


Have you ever thought of doing something enriching, never done before that is exceptionally gratifying?  It’s about changing a person’s life forever with one single step.   

You can now be part of that life experience by becoming an exclusive ambassador club of the “Sponsor an Orphanage” program. 

Orphaned children are most vulnerable.   They need your help the most. They are small children as young as one year old and sometimes even younger than one, who have lost one or both parents.  These youths hope that their lives will be better one day.  You can be part of the special club to bring life-impacting differences!

Orphan children need heroes, champions, someone who will regularly help them, support them, and love them in a way they can.   Regular contribution of little as US$1 a day brings these orphans constant hope that their lives will be better and successful one day. 

Mary K. Yap Foundation organizes the “Sponsor an Orphanage” program in which your sponsorship funds can either be singled out to support an individual orphan child or allocate it into a general fund that supports specific empowerment programs for an orphanage.   Once signed up, our team will share orphans’ life stories profile to those who enroll in the “Sponsor an Orphanage” program. In addition, you will be updated on the progress made at the end of the year by directly receiving a letter from the orphaned child or from the headmaster of orphanage who received your donation support. 

Sponsoring and building a relationship with an orphanage brings satisfaction, real hope, and a life-affirming experience. It gives the orphaned children life-changing basics like food, clean water, healthcare, and education. These orphaned children need a hero and someone to lean on.   

Be that person to bring that change forever.

11. Stuff Animal


Mary K. Yap Foundation believes that every child should be shared with love, care, and proper guidance, especially the vulnerable orphans. Mary K. Yap Foundation introduced an annual program which aims the Myanmar orphans to feel loved and secure through “One Stuff Animal Project.” The program initially started in 2015 and recently renamed as  #TeddyBear4Hold serving as one of the Foundation’s Donate to Impact initiatives that has been a continuous activity every year.

The #TeddyBear4Hold program aims to give the orphans one stuffed toy each for them to have something to hold at night. We let the orphans believe and know that there are people who love them and will support them. Empowering these orphans through a single act can mean a huge thing. You, too, can make an orphan believe in a hopeful future ahead of them.

It is a great pleasure when you contribute something to somebody when they need it the most. Mary K. Yap Foundation has been supporting orphans across Myanmar for over 20 years. Out of many other programs, Mary K. Yap started with the One-stuff-animal project which fosters positive connection and social development for the undermined children who need the most attention. 

The primary objective is for the orphans to feel not alone and reinforce that they have something in their hands to hold anytime they feel vulnerable as they have no parents to hug. Please join the Mary K. Yap Foundation to continue promoting a #TeddyBear4Hold campaign to extend unlimited hugs at night.

9. Food banner

Food and Health For Orphans

There is no better feeling than bringing hope to someone’s life, especially in the life of an orphan. These children are the most vulnerable people in the world. They are the persons without parents and guardians who can take care of them and feed them properly. 

Myanmar, also known as Burma, has a fifty-three million population. Considering the country’s current political transition, Myanmar needs tremendous help in health care. A greater population, especially children, needs regular consultation and boosts shots that have not yet been readily available.

Orphaned children depend on the orphanage and the staff to take care of them. However, supplies from the orphanages and other donations are insufficient for all the orphans and staff. They need more assistance and supplies for it to be adequate to accommodate all the children. 

Mary K. Yap Foundation organizes a food supply donation to every orphanage in Myanmar as part of our Donate to Impact #NourishHope2024 campaign. This program focuses on helping the orphanages have sufficient rice and food to feed the orphans and the orphanage staff. Mary K. Yap Foundation is donating monthly to orphanages like Galilee Orphanage. The foundation sends out bags of rice and other food supplies and helps the orphanages feed the orphans proper and nutritious food. The foundation will also focus on the orphan’s health and well-being, including annual health check-ups and vaccination plans with our medical professional partners. The health checks efforts are part of our organization’s Donate to Impact #LifeLine2025 campaign initiatives to keep our orphan children safe and healthy.

With this Food and Health Development Plan in collaboration with our corporate partners, Mary K. Yap Foundation hopes that a vast number of orphans will be fed properly and will help lessen the number of malnourished children. We strive for the children to grow well and remain healthy to prosper as young responsible and become independent citizens of their country.

7. Landing a hand

Lending a Hand

The “Lending a Hand” program is about making a difference for inspired young adults, university students, and citizens from all corners of the world to participate in the life-enriching volunteer opportunities sponsored and organized by the Mary K. Yap Foundation.

The program brings enthusiastic volunteers on short-term 3 to 6-month assignments covering work relating to Event Support, Donor Relations, Office and Admin tasks, and Virtual Support. The selected volunteer will work with our Management and Ambassadors to conduct and implement innovative development programs for the orphanage communities throughout Myanmar. Among other uplifting engagements, our team of volunteers worked to develop a plan for nutrition, diet, agricultural techniques, livestock growing, and water treatment to promote sustainability for orphan organizations. The team will be assigned to orphanages throughout Myanmar for a fixed period according to our project requirements. In addition, there will be many engaging field activities that include educational and health development programs for helping and inspiring underserved youths.

The mission of the Mary K. Yap Foundation and our volunteers is to develop and build these orphanages so that they have the necessary tools to support the needs of vulnerable children. We collaborate with exceptional individuals with a profound sense of social responsibility who are passionate about volunteering to empower children. Volunteers will gain a sense of pride by engaging with and advancing children who rely heavily on these orphaned centers for their day-to-day needs. Every minute of your time with us supports the everyday needs of neglected orphan communities in Myanmar.

At the end of their assignment, the participating volunteers will receive a special award of gratitude from the Mary K. Yap Foundation as a token of appreciation for bringing that extra care to orphans.

In addition, the Foundation will honor these exceptional individuals at one of our fundraising dinner events as a recipient of the Mary K. Yap Foundation’s global citizen award for their generous efforts. 

Enter here to sign up on your interest.

5. Orphanage ambassador(1)

Sharing our hearts

The Orphanage Ambassador Program is all about making a difference by supporting the worldwide orphan community, empowering them, and bringing a positive difference in every possible way we can.


Everyone can make a difference by contributing their time and supporting vulnerable orphaned children. 

Some may think such children have little hope of becoming independent or reliable citizens. However, after spending time with them, we realize how positive and supportive interactions influence them and how these quality contacts bring so much value to these disadvantaged youth. 

“Orphanage Ambassadors” hold the highest responsibility for the advancement of orphans at the Mary K. Yap Foundation.   An orphanage ambassador acts as a representative and a promoter of the Mary K. Yap Foundation. In addition, they commit some of their time to helping and empowering orphans by directly assisting in the orphanages.  In this way, they hope orphans prosper and grow like ordinary children raised with love and care.

This program requires the ambassador to appear at least 3 Foundation-sponsored charity events per year whenever and wherever possible. Orphanage Ambassadors engage with the public and the orphans & orphanages to form closer bonds between them.  They should also be someone the children can rely on and trust in their learning development.  In addition, when our ambassadors visit orphanages to entertain the children, give empowerment talks, and strengthen the children by feeling guarded and protected, the children are bestowed with the confidence to plan and achieve their life goals.

The Orphanage Ambassador Program is all about making a difference by supporting the global orphan community, empowering them, and bringing a positive difference in every possible way we can.

Father’s Day

Orphans on Father’s Day

As we celebrate  Father’s Day in 2022, we remember the adage, “A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” Fathers have traditionally been seen as strong men who will protect their children throughout their life and who we look up to by the children as their hero.



A father plays one of the most decisive influences on a child’s life, ideally bringing some of the best out in character development for their children. People often celebrate this joyous occasion in July by spending time with their fathers. Unfortunately, this is not the case for orphans who have lost their parents early.

Orphaned children who have lost their fathers, from whatever reason, may feel incomplete. They have lost a primary role model and hero in life, thus many feel isolated and vulnerable. These children may also grow up lacking certain qualities and are less able to set specific priorities for their future success. 

Celebrating Father’s Day is not the same for every child in the world. Orphaned children, especially those left behind at an early age, may have already lost any memory of their fathers.  Let this be a call for everyone to appreciate, love, and support orphaned children as America celebrates Father’s Day.



Having a heart for the unfortunate and disabled children

Kazuko Kumon

Kazuko Kumon’s heart for the children started when she visited the civil war-stricken West African country in 2001 and saw children dying daily. She moved to Kenya and noticed that children with disabilities were not receiving trained care and education. This absence of support suggests a need for greater social awareness about people with disabilities, leaving many families struggling.

“The spirit of helping shouldn’t be based on pity for the weak or disadvantaged,” said Kazuko Kumon,

Kumon founded The Garden of Siloam (, a facility and church ministry established on Nairobi’s bounds, wherein disabled children receive a range of support, from high-quality education to personalized health care. Those with mental and physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy and autism receive classes and rehabilitation in a fun-filled environment. 

The classes are being attended by people who have received specialist training in caring for and educating children with disabilities, however, they are only limited thus, Kumon started training her personnel from scratch. She believes that everyone is born with the power of living and that these vulnerable and poor children need a helping hand to bring such power out.

Kumon strongly holds that.

“By receiving appropriate treatment and education early, many children can utilize the potential they were born with. I think the one thing I can do as someone who has come from Japan is to use tangible empirical images to convey to Kenyans what the children are capable of and what kind of society it is possible to create.”

With the increasing number of children who are unfortunate and abandoned, someone like Kumon is a big help. These children, especially those with special needs, must be protected and given a healthy environment, proper education, and nutritious food to grow properly.   These are the same quality programs that our Mary K Yap Foundation team continues to develop and extend year by year to those orphan communities, especially in Myanmar, facing dire lifetime adjustments.  



John McEwen

“An Orphan Becomes Australia’s 18th Prime Minister.”


(1900–80). Farmer and politician John McEwen was prime minister of Australia from Dec. 19, 1967, to Jan. 10, 1968. He served for 37 years in the House of Representatives.

McEwen was born on March 29, 1900, in Chiltern, Victoria, Australia. Orphaned at a young age, he and his sister were raised by their grandmother. He left school when he was 13 years old to help earn money for his family. At age 18, he joined the army, although World War I ended before he was sent overseas. Upon his discharge, McEwen bought a farm and settled into dairying and sheep raising before he turned to rural politics.

McEwen became a member of the House of Representatives in 1934 and served as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade in Gorton’s government until he retired from Parliament in Feb 1971. During World War II, he held several ministerial positions, including deputy prime minister from 1958 to 1971. McEwen was knighted in 1971. He died on Nov. 21, 1980, in Melbourne.

Despite losing his mother and father at an early age, McEwen didn’t let it affect his ambitions in his political career. With the right determination, he successfully lived his orphaned life. 

Source:  John McEwen – Students | Britannica Kids | Homework Help


Jennifer Anne Garner

Advocate of Early Childhood Education

Jennifer Anne Garner is an American Hollywood award-winning actress born April 17, 1972, in Houston, Texas.  She was voted “Most Beautiful Woman” by People Magazine in 2019.  Her father, William John Garner, worked as a chemical engineer for Union Carbide; her mother, Patricia Ann English, was a homemaker and later an English teacher at a local college. 

She is a strong advocate for Early childhood education activism. In 2009, Garner became an artist ambassador for Save the Children USA, promoting national literacy, nutrition, and early education efforts. Since 2014, Garner has served on the board of trustees for the organization, advocating for early childhood education. As an ambassador, she frequently visits with families involved in the organization’s Early Steps to School Success program, which coaches’ families to help children learn in the early years.


“My mom grew up in poverty in Oklahoma – like Dust Bowl, nine people in one room kind of place – and got out of poverty through education. My dad grew up without a dad, with very little, and he also made his way out through education.”



Jennifer Garner donated $10,000 to West Virginia’s Promise – The Alliance for Youth. The donation will match AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers with local groups serving children in the summer. Summer Associate AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers serve at nonprofit organizations, schools, and state agencies to provide the Five Promises to children and youth. The Five Promises are Caring Adults, Safe Places, A Healthy Start, An Effective Education, and Opportunities to Help Others. In addition, the VISTA volunteers facilitate education programming to prevent summer learning loss for students, STEM programming, reading, arts, healthy futures, gardening, and summer feeding sites.


“My parents came from a poor background and worked their way up because of education. They saw it as a way to succeed. So, they cared about me getting straight-A grades growing up.

One of our special projects, “Myanmar Orphans (,” introduces a unique set of learning for orphan youths by bringing English and Computer courses to the orphanages at an early age targeting boys and girls over twelve years old. Like how Jennifer Anne Garner has done with her early childhood programs in partnership with Save the Children USA, our volunteering teachers are introduced to our Road2Ace Campaign, which promises to organize English learning programs to enrich the orphanage communities by teaching the children how to read and write English and focus on Education at an early age of development.  For more information, click Road2Ace campaigns.


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