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Father’s Day

Orphans on Father’s Day

As we celebrate  Father’s Day in 2022, we remember the adage, “A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” Fathers have traditionally been seen as strong men who will protect their children throughout their life and who we look up to by the children as their hero.



A father plays one of the most decisive influences on a child’s life, ideally bringing some of the best out in character development for their children. People often celebrate this joyous occasion in July by spending time with their fathers. Unfortunately, this is not the case for orphans who have lost their parents early.

Orphaned children who have lost their fathers, from whatever reason, may feel incomplete. They have lost a primary role model and hero in life, thus many feel isolated and vulnerable. These children may also grow up lacking certain qualities and are less able to set specific priorities for their future success. 

Celebrating Father’s Day is not the same for every child in the world. Orphaned children, especially those left behind at an early age, may have already lost any memory of their fathers.  Let this be a call for everyone to appreciate, love, and support orphaned children as America celebrates Father’s Day.


Most Vulnerable Children

“Orphans are children who depend on their strength and ability to learn and succeed without the support of their mothers and fathers. They are the ones who have lost one or both parents to age, sickness, or violence or simply by just abandoning them.”

– Dr. John Palmer (Chairman of the Mary K. Yap Foundation)

Sadly, there is an increasing number of orphans. These orphaned children who live without proper care and guidance can result in suffering and the ultimate tragedy of death; the children that survive often do so in ways that demean and criminalize themselves and bring suffering to others.  We cannot just imagine how a child without proper care is being used in different personal and greedy matters, such as child labor bosses, terrorists, rebel armies with child soldiers, child traffickers, and even less than good-willed relatives who want a personal slave. 

The result is heartbreaking as some orphan children will die of starvation and issues related to malnutrition, die from preventable diseases, die at the hands of others, spend much of their life in jail, and some will harm others and negatively impact the world. 

As we commemorate International Orphan Day, we want to share a message that orphan children do not deserve to live a life of abandonment and neglect, especially a child who is so young, innocent, and pure. They deserve to be treated with love, care, and proper guidance as these orphaned children are the strongest people in the world by overcoming their history and facing the future with smiles. They are children who still have a bright future despite having no immediate family besides them upon growing up and ending up being homeless. 

Brighter Future Banner

A Better Tomorrow


Despite of Myanmar’s situation, the Mary K. Yap Foundation continues to extend undivided support towards the orphaned children that the foundation has cared for and supported for the past 20 years. We believe these children should continue to have hope and a bright future ahead of them.  As Dr John Palmer, Board Chair of the foundation said during a Zoom interview. 


“They (the children) should not fear what will happen in the future, instead, we must take each day and pay attention to areas where they can develop new talents and skills to support their future.”

Dr John Palmer

Board Chair of the Mary K. Yap Foundation

Orphans are encouraged to continue participating in daily self-learning and growth in their learning capacity. Our local orphanage teams provide books to the orphans to help them keep a consistent habit of reading and writing.  One of the Foundation Orphanage ambassadors, Daw Meme Lwin, forges a deeper connection with the children by reading books and sharing with them a message of empowerment and hope for a “Better Tomorrow.” As part of this effort, books for children, donated by domestic and international partners, are being organized for each orphanage center.

Youth living with traumatic experiences and in unsafe environments tend to create various mental health difficulties for children, including depression.

Our Foundation promotes regular communications between orphanages, our ambassadors, and the children to provide them with the mental support they need as well as hope and attention.


1. An Orphan Thoughts on Mother Day

Orphans on Mother’s Day

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.”

Cardinal Gaspard Mermillod (1824-1892)

Every May, America celebrates and honors mothers on this special day by thanking them for all the love and sacrifices they’ve made. But sadly, this is not the case for children in every town and country in the world who have lost, been taken from, abandoned by, or sent away from their mothers.

An orphan may suffer long-term emotional problems due to their failure to resolve their sense of loss for their mother. The effects of trauma can include symptoms of depression, being more anxious and withdrawn, having more problems in school, and diminished academic performance than non-bereaved children. Some also have difficulty building relationships and have trust issues as they lack maternal support while beginning their life journey. Abandoned orphans will always be left with the question of if their mothers truly loved them.  These orphans feel incomplete without their mothers.

Celebrating Mother’s Day is not the same for everyone; for some orphans, it will remind them of their feelings when they lost their mother. Mothers generally support us through all our victories and hardships as we build our lives. Therefore, some orphans will feel envious of the children who can spend time with and be cared for by their mothers. Living and growing up without a mother to lean on, especially on the most challenging days, is not easy.

Many orphans also live in poverty and cope with mental and emotional problems at an early age, in addition to the burden of losing their mother. Even though some still have their fathers and are considered “single orphans, ” the loss of the love and care that mothers bring is irreplaceable.

These orphans are vulnerable but hopefully will remain strong and determined to continue living and pursuing their dreams. Although these unprivileged children have no mother to celebrate Mother’s Day, they should still be surrounded by unconditional love from those who appreciate and care for them. Let this be an encouragement for us to be there for the underprivileged ones, the orphans, as we celebrate this Mother’s Day.


US Tax Benefits

Mary K. Yap Foundation received the “Determination Letter” from the US Department of Treasury International Revenue Services in January 2017. As a result, the organization was awarded a (501) c3 private foundation status to address the world about needy orphans and youths in Myanmar (Burma) and the urgent help needed to develop programs to support their education, health, and medical shortages.   In addition, the foundation aims to support disadvantaged and vulnerable orphaned children through financial assistance and relief initiatives. According to the United States Internal Revenue Code Section, a 501(c) classification is a non-profit organization in the United States federal law. It is one of over 29 types of non-profit organizations exempt from some federal income taxes. 

The company’s filings with the California State Registry of Charitable Trust allow the organization to organize charitable programs and events in California to maintain good standing with the Office of the Attorney General. Mary K. Yap Foundation operates for non-profit purposes within the California 23701d Revenue and Tax Code Section provisions to keep the tax-exempt status.  It adheres to the highest standard of transparency on how the funds are used and allocated to carry out the foundation’s mission to empower orphan communities in Myanmar.

Tax exemption is one of the biggest benefits of a 501(c)(3) classified company. The exemption allows  Mary K. Yap Foundation from federal and state taxes, sales, and property taxes.   On top of these regular taxes, the payroll taxes are also included in the list of federal and state exemptions, helping the foundation save money over time for the orphanages to allocate more donation money to support the charitable cause. 

Another benefit the non-profit organization enjoys is making the foundation seem more credible to the public. Since the organization is not operating for profit, the donor community can receive tax deduction certificates when they make charitable gifts to the organization.   The company is also eligible to apply for grants on federal, state, and local levels. Other entitlements such as discount postage rates and special non-profit mailing privileges are also on the list of benefits for (501) c3 organizations.